Frank Who?


Frank committed himself to creating a financial and investment management firm intended to assist clients in pursuing financial freedom and independence so they could experience the life they desired through access to greater choice and direction.

The Family Guy

Frank lives with his wife, Paulette in Brecksville, Ohio, and has two daughters, Nicole and Natalie. Born and raised in Cleveland, Frank is proud of, involved in, and committed to his city and its surrounding communities.

The Influence

Frank is an active business mentor for other business owners through Entrepreneurs Organization, and is involved in several civic initiatives to improve the surrounding community.

What Type of Financial Advisor Do You Have?

Getting Frank with Your Return on Life. Once upon a time there was a very smart man with big dreams and even bigger responsibilities. Because he was so smart, he realized he couldn’t accomplish all of his goals for his family, business interests and personal needs alone. He needed expert advice to keep his dreams on track. “But where will I go to find the best advisor for me?” The man pondered his situation and narrowed his choices to three highly qualified financial advisors.

The first advisor seemed like a good choice at first glance. He was laden with gold, from his watch to his cuff links, and his precise fitting suit was cut from the finest of fabrics. “You look the part,” the man said. “How can you help me?” “I can assist,” the first advisor said. “Simply do what I say and sign your name here. I know what’s best, so don’t bother with questions.” “I don’t know,” the smart man said. “I’m not sure that you do. You haven’t even asked what’s important to me.”

The smart man turned to advisor number two, hoping to find the right match for the plans he had waiting to hatch. “What will you do for me?” The man asked him directly. “Don’t worry a bit,” advisor two responded. “I’ve got formulas and products that will meet your needs precisely, with commissions for me that will pay out quite nicely.” “That seems like a conflict,” our intelligent man said. “I’m not sure that I trust what your computer model says. My needs are complex and my goals rather lofty. I’m beginning to question your approach and your motives. Why should I help you meet your sales quotas?”

Without waiting for an answer, the smart man said to the three: “Let me get frank – shouldn’t this be about me? I need someone who will put my needs first, front and center.” In the back of the room sat advisor number three, taking copious notes and crossing every “T.” “You, in the back,” the smart man grumbled. “What can you accomplish that these others have bumbled?” “I’m independent you see, so I’ll always be frank,” advisor three stated. “I have no sales quotas or personal motives. No proprietary products or corporate mandates. I focus on you and what’s in your best interests. My advice is objective, unbiased and fair. I develop tailored solutions with integrity and care.” “I will work with your team to bring professional financial guidance – from accountants to lawyers and other business advisors,” he added.

“If you want to Get Frank, it’s me that you’re seeking. With an experienced team and straight manner of speaking. I’ll keep it real and focused on you. I believe meeting your goals is more than investment performance, it’s your Return on LifeTM that I seek to enhance.” “I like what I’m hearing,” the smart man said. ”I’m Getting Frank to help me move ahead.” And that was how the smart man chose his path to pursuing his personal “happily ever after.”


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